Our Japan based VPS hosting is dedicated to provide users a fully independent physical server, not to be affected by each of the users, ensuring maximum performance. The complete isolation that our VPS in Japan provides is unmatched and allows optimal use of the hardware. In this way, by opting to our incredible Japan based Virtual Private Server hosting, the scalability of your business is ensured. You can increase or decrease the resources being allocated in our virtual servers in Japan as per your requirement. Depending upon your needs, you can definitely increase the amount of cores, RAM and disk space. Once you have purchased our VPS hosting, it will be your personal property and you can keep on personalizing it as per your needs because we offer the cPanel support as well where you can make changes easily. Also, you will have backup options available to you. Thus, we ensure maximum security of your data. So, all you need to do is to tell us your requirement and our customer support will further guide you through the process. We allocate all types of VPS hosting to our clients shortly after they confirm their orders.


If your project requires more resources and flexibility than a shared hosting or Virtual Private Server, then all you need is a dedicated server Japan. The scalable resources of our dedicated server in Japan is guaranteed. Moreover, it is not shared by any other individual or company. Thus, you can maximize your website hosting experience with our dedicated server hosting in Japan. Our servers are not just there to provide hosting but they are meant to scale your business to the next level. The speed and optimizations don't let the users to bob down immediately and close your website rather it compels them to stay on your site and course through each and every element. This swift speed is due to the deployment of the data centers in your location. So, whether you are in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagasaki or somewhere in between, you will experience the best speed, flexibility and uptime with our cheap dedicated servers Japan. So, once you avail our customizable dedicated servers in Japan, you will experience an endless avaialability of resources that is beyond the limitations of shared or VPS hosting.


The best way to get a hosting and custom domain for your website in Japan is just two clicks away. Our Web Hosting services in Japan offer excellent performance with tools that enable activation in a simple, fast and secure way. We also offer an email support platform 24 hours a day. That is why, we are the best Web Hosting in Japan. With the Web Hosting offered by serversjapan.com you can manage your accommodation through the cPanel control panel. Through it, you can create your email accounts, create databases, install scripts and much more. All this you can do in a simple interface that will allow you to get the most out of your deal. Hence, if you want to avail the best and cheap Web Hosting plan in Japan based websites, then our Web Hosting Platform is an ideal choice with all kinds of advanced features that are trending in the world. If you need a hosting for wordpress, which is one of the most widely used website development platform, we are pleased to inform you that our Web Hosting Japan is highly suitable for this scenario. So, do not delay contacting us for your any kind of Web Hosting need in Japan.

Topnotch Facts

Servers Japan is the best platform where you can avail exceptional hosting for your site. Our servers, deployed in Japan, are fully dedicated to enhance user experience with endless features.

dedicated server JP
Dedicated Hosting
  • Powerful Hardware

    Get quality and latest server for dedicated use

  • Tier III

    Offered Servers are hosted under tier III data-center

  • Secure and Reliable

    You can feel your online properties safe with us

virtual servers japan
Virtual Servers
  • Lowest Latency

    You will experience lowest latency

  • Virtualization Technology

    Best and advanced virtualization through KVM

shared host japan
Shared Hosting
  • Linux Hosting

    Featured enriched linux hosting with cPanel

  • Windows Shared

    Reliable for managing and running .net and MSSQL

  • Free Website Transfer

    you will be welcomed with free data transfer when you will shift your domain hosting with us

Why We as Japanese Host?

Japan is the center of some of the biggest multinational organizations. Each of these big or small organizations need to have an online presence for their clients all over the world. For that reason, we have deployed our servers in Japan in order to ease of the local users who wish to avail fast, low letancy, and uptimed hosting services for their projects.

best for SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

Our Web Hosting services are ideal for Search Engine Optimization of your website by making it google friendly.

secure hosting japan
Highest Data Security

We, at Servers Japan ensure 100% data security and backend support.

JP servers
best host jp
Awarded Hosting

Servers Japan has earned remarkable reputation so far and being praised by the clients at different platforms.

best support

We are fully dedicated to care for our clients, with 24/7 responsive support.

How clients refer us?


I am an iOS developer from Japan and I needed wordpress hosting for my online blog. I didn't have any good experience before until I found Servers Japan. They have the best hosting platform.

client 1
anna doe
IOS developer

Servers Japan has provided me an auspicious hosting and domain for my business related professional website. It has given an endless flexibility to customize my website through their cPanel section. Loved theri services!

Alex Paul
Android developer

After experiencing many other hosting platforms I have come to a conclusion that only Servers Japan is the best hosting service providers in Japan. Absolutely recomended!

Client 3
inna darck
Android developer

Client satisfaction, backend support, competitive prices, everything was way beyond my expectations. I would definitely recomend Servers Japan to the newbies.

Client 4
anna doe
IOS developer

They provide me my ordered virtual server instantly after order which was exactly as per my requirements.

Client 5
Alex Paul
Android developer

Great ever experience with high quality support.

Client 6
inna darck
Android developer

Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to provide full client support at any point where our clients have some kind of ambiguity or query.

Data-Center Location in Japan?

We have been able to provide the most functional webhosting platform for the clients here in Japan. With our data centers at the nearest locations, the users experience the best features of all kinds of hosting that we are providing.

Why web servers are important?

Web servers are important as they are very critical for the performance of any website on the internet. These are actually big large computers which transmits data to the users' computer from the website.

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Servers are the best type of economically functional hosting. It is usually purchased when user needs a customized package for the hosting. It is near to dedicated hosting.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is the form of hosting in which users get access to one large machine which is completely dedicated to that particular user without any sharer. It is mostly used when users have bigger projects requiring large disk space. Hence, with a dedicated server, you can have ample control over the resources such as hardware choice etc.

Domain registration in Japan?

The best way to operate a website is to have a user friendly domain name that caters to the audience of that particular region. Hence domain registration in .jp and other formats in Japan will be highly tentative.>

Is there any hidden fees?

The amount that you have to pay for the hosting service will be exclusively cheap and fixed, which means there will be no hidden fees that you have to pay other than the price of hosting and domain.